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I also write spicier stories under the name Lace Daltyn. You can check my alter-ego out here:

Lace Daltyn website



Hi. I'm Laurie Ryan, author of romance and women's fiction. Welcome to my website. Need an escape from everday life? I write emotional stories of real-life characters thrust into extraordinary situations. I'm glad you stopped by and hope you find this a relaxing place to visit. Please, feel free to look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit.

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Show Me, now available!

Show Me

It's one of the scariest words in the world and one that no one wants to hear. Cancer. Show Me is one woman's poignant journey through hope and fear, learning to cope, dealing with disappointment, and defining relationships during the most traumatic experience of her life.

The words ovarian cancer infiltrate Celia Milbourne's brain and send chills down her spine, settling in her heart like a mound of icy stones. She must dig deep for the strength to fight this medical beast and still maintain some measure of normalcy for her young daughter.

Aided by family and friends-and an empathic ghost named Seth-Celia embarks on a path riddled with challenges, filled with anguish and joy, and bolstered by an enduring hope sustained by love.

Show Me Holiday Magic Northern Lights

Stolen Treasures Pirate's Promise Dare To Love

Many thanks to my husband for all his wonderful support. He is my hero. My Renoir.

You are like the finishing touch in a painting.
The final strokes on canvas that turn a picture
from ordinary
to extraordinary.
You make me feel like life is a

by Laurie Ryan