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Hi. I'm Laurie Ryan, author of romance and women's fiction. Welcome to my website. Need an escape from everday life? I write emotional stories of real-life characters thrust into extraordinary situations. So please, look around, Have fun, and enjoy your visit.

I also write spicier stories under the name Lace Daltyn. You can check my alter-ego out here:

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Tropical Persuasions Cover Reveal

Stolen Treasures Pirate's Promise Dare To Love

I'm excited to reveal new covers for the Tropical Persuasions series. An updated versions of Stolen Treasures, the story of Dion Gaetani and Claire Saunders, who put everything on the line to capture a modern-day pirate, is now available at Amazon. Other venues coming soon.

Pirate's Promise is slated for re-release on September 15th and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. I couldn't write Stolen Treasures without realizing that the pirate, Hakon "Hawk" Thoralssen, needed his own story, so I introduce him to his attorney, Julia Branholt, and sparks fly.

And Dare To Love, the long-anticipated third and final story in the series and also available for pre-order on Amazon, releases October 13th. Aidan Walker, friend and co-worker to Dion, meets his match in Gail Grayson, a spike-haired pixie who wants to turn the ladies' man into a one-lady kind of guy.

Click on the covers above for more information.


Holiday Magic Northern Lights

Stolen Treasures Pirate's Promise Dare To Love


Many thanks to my husband for the wonderful photo you see on this page. Being a child of the moon and an author of romance, I feel he captured the perfect essence to represent my stories. He is my hero. My Renoir.

You are like the finishing touch in a painting.
The final strokes on canvas that turn a picture
from ordinary
to extraordinary.
You make me feel like life is a

by Laurie Ryan