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Holiday Magic - The Gift of Love

(An emotion-wrapped holiday anthology of two novellas)

Priceless Love

by Lavada Dee

"For Richer, For Poorer."

Taylor Hamilton, dissatisfied with a life designed by her parents, attends a friend's fall wedding and finds small town life agrees with her. The problem is, her wealth doesn't agree with the man she falls for. Is their love strong enough to find a bridge of trust where money isn't an issue?

Praise for Priceless Love:

"An excellent read all about love, this is a truly wonderful story by Lavada Dee. I really enjoyed this book." by Nikki at: Books4U

Healing Love

by Laurie Ryan

"In Sickness and in Health."

Nicole Milbourne's single-minded focus on a medical research career is thrown for a loop when charismatic Dr. Damien Reed shows her there's more to life than studying diseases. Will an unexpected Christmas fill Nicole's lonely heart and show her the healing power of love?

Praise for Healing Love:

"This is a really beautiful, moving and inspiring read by Laurie Ryan. " by Nikki at: Books4U

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