Awakening by Laurie Ryan

Earth’s final gift…


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Earth Legacy Prequel

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In a courageous, last-ditch effort to rescue itself and humankind from the ravages of time and overuse, Earth releases a magical essence. Those few gifted with its power struggle to master their new magic  while others want to control this potent power meant to heal Earth.

Damian and Valena Royan, along with their modest druid circle, strive to help the world understand that Earth is at a tipping point, and this final blessing must be used for the survival of all.

Cait Darcy’s only desire is the safety of her two-year-old twins. When Earth’s offering throws her world into turmoil, she has no option but to seek help from those with powers she does not understand.

Brought together by circumstances they could never imagine, they must fight not only the government and disbelievers, but the growing darkness that threatens to consume them all.

If they fail? Extinction awaits them all.



One by one, they held hands until the circle was complete. One circle, one mind. All silently devoting their lives to coexistence with Earth. To extending their knowledge and helping others to understand that Earth’s plight was also theirs.

Silently, they bowed their heads and said their prayers.

When they raised their collective heads, hands still joined, Tom spoke first.

“So, does this druid circle have a name?”

Wyeth was the first one to laugh. “You know, we’ve never even thought of that.”

“We’ve always been a family,” Gwen said.

“One spirit,” Valena chimed in.

“One mind,” Bhren said.

Damian nodded. “Now we are tasked with guarding this precious gift Earth has given us. With making people understand we are at a turning point and their next moves will determine the fate of humanity and life as we know it.”

“We are guardians, then,” Bhren said.

“Yes. Guardians. Guardian druids,” Damian said. As soon as he said the words, the pressure on his heart eased. This felt right. His face lit up with the first true smile he’d had all day.

“I like that,” Tom said.

“It’s a strong name,” Luther added.

“Now and forevermore. Protectors of Mother Earth, of the planet that provides us sustenance and life.”

One by one, they nodded in agreement, then everyone raised their joined hands and intoned, with one voice:

“Guardian druids.”

They sat like that, hands raised, the emotion of the moment washing over them, until Damian looked behind him, alerted by a sound.


A woman stood there, a young child asleep on one shoulder, another walking beside her, though just barely. A hiker’s backpack sat askew and the woman’s red hair looked as though it had been a long time since she’d tugged that ponytail into place. She drooped with her own brand of exhaustion.

“Are you the people the light first appeared to? I…I need help,” she said as she sank to her knees.



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