When the darkness comes, only she can lead the fight against it. Can he keep her safe while she struggles to bring back the light?


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Earth Legacy, Book Three

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Rianthe Royan tried hard to deny her destiny, even running from it until it returned to haunt her. Now, she is left with no choice. She must accept who she is or Earth will perish and humanity founder.

In the final throes of survival and under threat of extinction if she fails to bring back the light, Rianthe must give everything she has, everything she is, to ensure the survival of those she loves. She must battle the Dark druid bent on binding Earth’s magic to her will and destroying everything in her path.

Together with her ally and protector, Kaiden Darcy, and the few left in their home village, Rianthe will take on their fiercest enemy yet.

Humanity believes Rianthe is their salvation. Now all she needs to do is believe in herself.


Rianthe rose from the ground and raised her hand toward the light, unable to stop herself. She must touch this pureness of this energy and bond with it. A symbiosis of love and joy and power.

“Come to me,” the disembodied voice repeated. “I am the only one you need.”

“No,” Rianthe whispered, not taking her eyes from the stream of light. “You are not what I need.” One step. Two. Rianthe moved forward, toward the energy that shone so brightly. She needed to be part of this beauty. Reaching out, she touched it and was filled with heady power, a good magic that filled her with wonder. Filled her with love…

The power grew within her, but not fast enough. Earth’s awen poured into her, an all-encompassing strength grown from everything good in Earth’s core. If Rianthe missed the almost imperceptible murkiness at the edges of the light, she could be forgiven. Nothing mattered but becoming one with Earth and evolving into what she’d been born to become.

The splendor distracted her, giving the darkness time to grow. Soon, it swallowed the goodness and love until there was only an elixir of dark power that pulled at Rianthe. She needed more, needed to feed the darkness consuming her soul. All of her good intentions faded away. She desired more, and that lust filled her until there was no more space. Still, Rianthe demanded more. Darkness spread through the light, expanding as she bent the magic to her will.

A mirror leaned against a rock wall. Rianthe turned and saw…herself, yet not herself. Awash in light, an aura of power surrounded her, flowing in waves from brilliant golden eyes.

Eyes very like those of her enemy. Taegar’s eyes. Her eyes.



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