The past is only forgotten until it invades your present.


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Earth Legacy, Book Two

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For Kaiden Darcy, duty is everything. As True-named protector, he’s tasked with the safety of his home and Rianthe Royan, the prophesied one designated to save Earth from surrendering to the darkness.

Except Rianthe’s powers are stifled by some unknown cause. She needs help, so she follows a cryptic clue seeking insight. As she struggles to master her magic, the brother she raised from a babe disappears.

Kaiden, realizing the urgency of Rianthe’s quest, leaves his own responsibilities behind to go in search of the boy, unaware that search will bring him face to face with bad blood.

Family blood. His blood.


Too much had changed in a few short years. It seemed unfathomable to Kaiden Darcy. He’d been twelve when Rianthe Royan stumbled into his arms and wormed her way deep under his skin. Then, he’d betrayed her and she’d run. Kaiden didn’t blame her. He might have done the same thing in her boots.

Now she’d come home again, except nothing had stayed the same. Half their home lay in ashed ruins, destroyed by a Dark druid who’d been hunting Rianthe. Kaiden was True-Named thurisaz, protector, yet his magic wasn’t strong enough to save anyone. Torn between his impulse to protect Rianthe and his loyalty to the people who’d taken him in as a babe, it was no wonder he felt so conflicted. Add in the dark dreams he’d been having ever since the injury, and folks barely spoke to him these days.

Kaiden rubbed his shoulder and moved his arm to ease the ever-present ache. Roulf  had said the poison would be slow to ebb. The funny little man had entered their lives almost as quickly as their mentor Bhren had left and had been a huge help. Time proved him right once again.  More than five weeks had passed and Kaiden still couldn’t fight like normal. Like he needed to.

Blowing out a breath, he watched it mist in the cool air. Patience didn’t come easy for him, especially with his own performance. He was the designated protector of New Hope. He couldn’t do that and keep Rianthe from harm unless he was healed and whole. Right now, even finding her seemed impossible. She’d disappeared yet again.



Laurie Ryan on Amazon  Laurie Ryan on B&N  Laurie Ryan on ibooksLaurie Ryan on Kobo



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