Growing up a devoted reader, Laurie Ryan immersed herself in the diverse works of authors like Tolkien and Woodiwiss. She is passionate about every aspect of a book: beginning, middle, and end. She can’t arrive to a movie five minutes late, has never been able to read the end of a book before the beginning, and is a strong believer in reading the book before seeing the movie.

Always a fan of happily-ever-after endings, romance was a natural genre for Laurie to gravitate to. She loves writing stories of stubborn, single-minded heroines who have to learn that everything is better when you’re not alone.

Imaginary worlds were a fact in Laurie Ryan’s childhood. Not that she didn’t have awesome family, even if she does have middle child syndrome. Wanting more, she explored the world in books, escaping into the creative worlds of Tolkien, Brooks, McCaffrey, and so many more. Currently, she’s taking the opportunity to create her own world, where earth and humanity strive to coexist and create a better life for all, against odds that are never in their favor.

Laurie lives at home with her handsome, he-can-fix-anything husband and their gray, seventeen-pound cat, Dude, who was rescued by some very bad men who were trying to throw him on top of a building roof as a small kitten. She has yet to write them in a villains in a story, but it will happen!

Laurie wishes everyone a happy life filled with friendship, love, and positivity.

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Chapter Treasurer, Olympia RWA 2015-2018
Chapter Secretary, Olympia RWA 2014-2015
Chapter Treasurer, Olympia RWA 2011-2013
Chapter Secretary, Olympia RWA 2007-2010
2009 Volunteer of the Year, Olympia RWA

Laurie Ryan with Allie K. Adams
At Olympia RWA’s annual Elizabeth Kistler Writer’s Conference with fellow author,the casted Allie K. Adams
Laurie Ryan an d Jillian Chantal
At RWA Nationls, NYC, with fellow author Jillian Chantal









At Emerald City Writer’s Conference

Laurie Ryan at ECWC
At The Emerald City Writer’s Conference