Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Laurie Ryan
A reunion romance novella.

This time, he’ll risk everything to convince her to give them a chance.


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Lost And Found


Sarah Bannon has had it with city life.

Ready to kick start her new business and her life, she returns to the small town she’d left eleven years ago. Her first client turns out to be the boy next door, the one who completely ignored her in high school, crushing her teenage heart. Except he wasn’t a boy any longer.

Silence didn’t help Rick Larson back then. Now that fate had brought her back into his life,  he didn’t intend to squander this second chance. He’d waited too long for this moment, so this time, he had a plan.

Will their small town roots give them a chance for a fresh start?



“You’re the answer to my prayers, Sarah Rose.”

Sarah almost stumbled as her world stuttered to a halt. Seconds ticked away. You’re the answer to my prayers. She’d wanted him to say those words back in high school, longed for them so much she’d chosen not to date anyone. She’d gone solo to her senior prom, hoping against hope for one last chance.

Sarah looked up into his face, wishing those words meant what she’d hoped for all those years ago and mentally berating her heart for the reminder.

Focused on tamping down ancient emotions, she almost missed the emotion in Rick’s gaze. Raw. Needy. All covered up so fast, she couldn’t be sure if she saw it or imagined it.

He cleared his throat, then swallowed. “I, umm, need someone to help me sort through everything here, figure out what’s worth selling and what should be trashed.”

“Oh.” Disappointment hit her so hard, she almost stepped back, barely stopping herself. Of course, he meant the estate. That’s why he’d asked her to come.



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