Rudy’s Heart

Hope brings broken souls together.


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Rudy’s Heart


An uncle-turned-father, terrified he’ll screw up, enlists the help of a burned-out, empathic woman with an oh-so-rightful chip on her shoulder.

Emotionally shattered from her hospice work, Aubrey Gannet journeys to a Montana ranch looking for peace and quiet to rekindle her grieving spirit. But will she be able to forgive the man who deserted his only sister when she needed him the most?

 Stuck with an angry horse no one can get near and a child who refuses to speak, loner Beck Hawthorne is desperate to get through to them and hoping Aubrey holds that key. Only together can they break the bonds of sadness and find a brighter future.

 Emotional. Sensual. Standalone. A romance novel that includes a wonderfully intuitive horse name Rudy and a six-year-old who will wrap herself around your heart.




“What the hell were you thinking?” he asked the woman, loosening his hold now that the danger had passed. He turned to her, ready to read her the riot act, only to have the earth yanked out from beneath him. Everything hit him at once: her night-sky-blue eyes, the fact she wasn’t an old crone by any definition, her fist connecting with his jaw.

His head whipped back. “What the hell?”

The stars circling his head cleared enough for him to see her bolt for her car.

“Hold up,” he called. He followed her, still trying to de-cobweb his head as he ground his jaw back and forth. The woman packed a decent punch.

She turned on him as he neared, yanked her hand out of her purse. “Don’t come any closer,” she yelled, pointing something at his chest.

Beck squinted, his eyesight still a touch blurry. “What is that? A Taser?”



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