Dare To Love

Dare to Love by Laurie Ryan
Forever is worth the dare.

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~What the story’s about~

Dare to trust…
Gail Grayson thinks she’s found Mr. Right until he disappears without even a phone call. When Aidan resurfaces, she fears he’ll desert her again and her already wounded heart will never recover.

Dare to believe…
Maritime piracy operative Aidan Walker doesn’t do forever. People always leave. He’s learned that lesson well, so he does the leaving before anyone can hurt him again. The problem is, this time his self-protection policy can’t keep him from returning to Gail. Drawn to the feisty, spike-haired pixie, he begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to find that one person who won’t ever leave.

Dare to love…
Pursued by a cartel leader with a deadly vendetta against Aidan and torn apart by unplanned events and choices made, the two must decide if they have the courage to dare forever.



“What do you say we blow this party, find some nice, quiet, uninhabited place, and get to know each other a whole lot better?”
Gail Grayson rolled her eyes, even as her ears tingled at the whispered words. That tingle wound its way past her brain as Aidan Walker settled an arm across the back of the chair.
She’d come to Mexico to help friends celebrate the renovation of a local village. Now, with the dedication behind them, the brightly painted gathering hall was filled to overflowing with locals and visitors all bent on laughter and fun. Two hours ago, Gail had watched Aidan walk into the party like a predatory animal. He’d commandeered the seat next to her and hadn’t left. Apparently, the man had trained his sights on her.
Don’t think, her mind taunted in response to his question. Just go. Be with him.
It was hard to say no when she took time to appreciate the man whose hand traced the curves of her forearm. Brown hair, cut in a trendy, over-the-eye style, couldn’t quite hide the Irish in his green eyes. His lips quirked with mischief while he waited for her acceptance.
Gail’s heart joined the chorus, its beat picking up with each slow, tortuous stroke of his hand along her arm.
She wanted to go with him. Lord, how she wanted to. She watched as his finger wound a lazy trail back and forth, and she almost gave in to the hunger that had her ready to explode.
Wide, muscled shoulders and a trim waist only added to the effect he had on her. Aidan Walker was hot. Not just hot, he was tossing flames that threatened to engulf her.
Gail resisted the urge to fan herself, but made the fatal mistake of looking into his eyes. Little lines crinkled at the corners as he watched her, then he raised an eyebrow in challenge.
He knew how her mind was ogling him.
Damn it. This was not how things worked. She always had the upper hand when it came to flirting. Always. This seduction had gone on quite long enough and it was time to take back control.
Resting an elbow on the table, Gail cupped her chin and leaned closer to Aidan. She used her tongue to moisten lips she knew were colored the perfect shade of red and was satisfied to see his eyes dip to follow the movement.
“Isn’t that what we’re doing?” she asked.
“Huh?” A hint of confusion in his eyes was the only indication she got, but Gail knew she had re-taken the lead.
“I said,”-she paused, giving him time to focus-“isn’t that what we’re doing? Getting to know each other?” She used the hushed, sensual tone of her voice like a spell and Aidan’s green eyes flared with a very gratifying desire as he responded.
“Not even close, darlin’.”
Gail allowed her lips to curve into a lazy smile, even as her heart raced. “What would you call it then?”
Aidan’s breath fluttered the short hair around her ear as he leaned in. “Foreplay.” The word rolled off his tongue like melted chocolate. Deep, dark, and sinful.
Gail craved that bite of chocolate so badly she found it hard to breathe. Sitting back, she ran shaky fingers through her short hair and drew a slow breath.
Round one to you, Aidan Walker.


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