Pirate’s Promise

Pirate's Promise by Laurie Ryan
Three promises.
Two lives on the edge.
One undeniable love.

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~What the story’s about~

Everything attorney Julia Branholt has worked for is about to tank thanks to one stubborn, bull-headed pirate named Hakon “Hawk” Thoralssen.
It’s not enough that she’s forced to take him on as yet another pro bono case, but someone bails the man out in her name. This ethical nightmare could mean disbarment…and the end to a promise she made her father. So Julia goes rogue and follows Hawk.

When sabotage threatens to destroy the home of his late wife, Hawk rushes to save the village. He didn’t bargain on a hot-tempered attorney following him. Especially not one who fills him with a heat he’s chosen to deny.

The only way to save Tierra Bonita means working together. Can this village of kind-hearted, affectionate people draw Hawk and Julia out of their self-imposed isolation and open their hearts to new promises?


Given 5 hearts from The Romance Studio!

“This well-written, character-driven novel is both suspenseful and poignant. The characters are absolutely wonderful.”



Julia watched in horror as her mind’s eye brought his words to life. He was a roaring lion, insane with grief and fear, tossing men every which way to get free, to save his mate.
“How can I help?” she asked.
Hawk rose and returned to the table. A small spark of his arrogance returned as he sat down.
“It’s simple. Bail me out.”
“Simple. Right. Just bail you out. Never mind that I don’t have that kind of money, or that it’s unethical. I could get disbarred.”
“Then find another way,” he said.
Julia began to drum her fingers on the table as she searched for any solution. There was only one that she could come up with.
“Your father called me.”
Hawk stiffened. “What did that bastard want?”
“He warned me about you.”
“I can just bet,” he spat.
“Hawk, I think you need to ask your father for help.”
“Absolutely not.”
Julia threw her hands up in the air. “Why not?”
“Because I said so. Because that bastard wrote me off when I wouldn’t play his underhanded games of subterfuge.” Hawk shook his head.
“Because I refuse to be pulled back into that duplicitous society.”
Stubborn fool. “I don’t have any other ideas.”
“Think of one.”
“I’ll try, but if you had trouble acquiring funds for your village, what makes you think we can come up with bail?”
“Just get me out of here, Julia. Please. I’m begging you.”
“Promise me you’ll try.”
Another promise. She knew full well the weight tied to promises. It plunked you from the beach and chained you to a desk.
It sucked any desire for a life beyond work right out of your soul. It ate away at your will until there was nothing left.
“You don’t know what you’re asking.”


Laurie Ryan on AmazonLaurie Ryan on B&N Laurie Ryan on ibooks Laurie Ryan on Kobo

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